Cocktails On Tap
Mixed Cocktails On Tap
Most bars and restaurants are now using cocktails on taps to serve their customers. The new method has taken over the traditional way of serving cocktails whereby one has to wait to have their favorite drink to be mixed and served. Nowadays, you can get a quality cocktail in a matter of seconds. If you want to enjoy your cocktail, you should look for restaurants that are offering cocktails with this method, and you will enjoy the many benefits and never know it was from a tap. Here are the advantages of using Cocktails On Tap.

The Advantages of Cocktails on Tap
1. Faster services

If you have a restaurant and want your customers to be served faster, you should start using this method. The method eliminates the many processes that are required to make the cocktail. For restaurants that have very many customers, this method will help reduce the workload and increase the speed at which customers are served. The method is not tiring as compared to the traditional method.

2. Increased profit margins

Time is money, and when you save more time; you make more money. If you have a restaurant, your staff members will be able to serve cocktails faster to many customers using this method.

Draught Cocktails On Tap
When you make more profits, you can reduce the costs of the cocktails to attract more customers. The serving method increases the productivity of your staff members leading to the success of your business.

3. There is consistency in the cocktails

When you use on tap method to serve cocktails to customers, there will be uniform in the taste of all the drinks you serve compared to the traditional method where the cocktails would have different levels of tastes. Therefore the method allows one to serve consistency cocktails to all their customers. The result of this is increased reputation and credibility of your business to your customers.

4. Range of cocktails

The methods allow a bar owner to have a range of cocktails for their customers. You can have up to eight different cocktails to serve using the cocktail on tap method. Once you have a variety of cocktails for your customers to select from, there will be increased sales leading to profits. It is a good way of retaining customers and encouraging them to try new cocktails. The method also allows one to give samples of different ranges. Sampling takes a short time, and you can give different samples to customers to choose their preference.

5. Carbonation

The methods allow carbonation which increases the quality of the cocktails. The keg is carbonated which means that the cocktails will still have their taste and remain fresh even after opening the keg for many days. When you serve tasty and fresh cocktails to your customers, they will be loyal to your bar.

To use the cocktail on tap method, you will require the right equipment. They include keg, locks, regulator, draft tower and CO2 tank. You can get the equipment either used or new depending on your budget. It is important that you find a supplier to provide the equipment and also install it properly.

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